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My Coaches Corner

"My Coaches Corner" (MCC) 

The Hope Collection's Coaching and Mentoring Program

Designed to: "Help Others, by Helping Them, Help Others"

The Hope Collection (THC), a 501c3, non-profit has designed a coaching and mentoring program that has multiple applications for individuals, businesses, organizations, educational institutions and often for the collaboration of all the above.  Using a system developed and applied originally for the classroom and team sports over decades, THC has capitalized and responded to the universal access to technology and the  marketplace needs created in the post "cold war" globalization. 

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a larger number of citizens able to participate in society at such high levels of participation.  Traditional structures and their limitations have been eliminated as everyone has access to knowledge, information, the marketplace, charitable and governmental options today. 

Therefore, the need for coaches and mentors, to help build the functionality and disciplines for citizens to new levels of expectation, is massive.   THC Recognizes those who step up and help others with its FUND, FEED & FIX Fruitful Lives Initiative! 

The examples are endless.  Typical corporate structured environments are disappearing into home based business backed by corporate suppliers of goods and services.  Universities, schools and institutions are training online as workers change job descriptions regularly.  Banking centers are using Apps to support transactions.  The fastest growing sector of the travel industry is "medical tourism." Commercial buildings are being converted to residential centers with shared services on site.

All of this and more, drives the need for coaches who can help the citizenry navigate and capitalize on these transitions.  Agriculture's cash crops of the past have turned into "victory gardens" and an "e-pantry" of virtual "biz-ops" and just how does a family, school system, church, industry, government make those transitions. 

Urban America is turned upside down, dads have disappeared, mom gets public assistance and grandma takes care of the kids.  What do they do with their day?  How do they manage?  "Rosie the riveter" no longer has a job but still has a family! 

Veterans, often returning home with some serious maladies, left our shores to defend our freedoms but have returned to an unfamiliar society, with no particular set of skills that can immediately plug into the marketplace.  They are "warriors in transition" returning to a "society in transition!"

Lesson:  A mentor is a necessity!

How does MCC work? 
Information is at where all the Services and Benefits are listed.  Sign in is at the Shopping Cart.  Coaching sessions are accessible adaily at THC Free Membership Personal Portal  Just login, use the interest assessment under Services to help establish your priorities.  Click on your Username in the upper right hand corner, click on Services in the drop down where you can input your Goal Setting and Coaching information to start working with your Coach!

The interactive online system and daily checklist tools can then be integrated with your coach and is accessible 24/7 to implement the following: 

  1.  A goal setting system defines the objectives, obstacles, paths around the obstacles, short term incentives and accomplishments in multiple core competences.   Each participant works with their coach to determine the 5 priority daily steps, has an AM huddle with collaborators regarding the daily steps, does a self-talk recording for their cell phone, sets its alarm to go off to hear the self-talk repeated and a PM huddle to discuss outcomes.  This is monitored weekly by coaching communications.
  2. Each person is responsible for a Book of the Month and/or audio/video report.
  3. After a period of time determined by the progress of the participants, team coaching groups are established to build mutual appreciation synergy.
  4. Each party establishes a benchmark they wish to achieve, puts something of value up as a motivation, establishes a referee to assess if the accomplishment has been achieved.  If not the asset is donated to a charity. Their team acts to support.
  5. Frequently participants take this process to their family, to school with their children and teachers, to work for office efficiency, to church and to their hobbies.
  6. Often, the participants themselves become Coaches and in many cases becomes a Virtual Assistant  They are then made available to all candidates as needed.  Access to official certifications or licensing course work are made available as needed for these specialties.
  7. Eventually these Virtual Assistant may become licensed practitioners like lawyers, insurance, real estate, teaching, financial planners, security, medical etc.

 The net is that they become fully functioning and are centers of a Cycle of Appreciation!

 THC has a Resource & Research Center (RRC) that discovers sustainable social and economic innovative models in the 8 areas of its charter:  Faith, Family, Food & Clean Water, Health & Wellness, Housing, Energy, Arts and Education.

Conclusion:  It has been proven over decades that this process turns yesterday's habits, expectations and relationships into an effective and sustainable servant leader life pattern that will automatically be paid forward to family and society!  

Costs:  Many tools are free and ALL costs are offset by $1,000's of Coupons & Cash-backs at enrollment and going forward.

IT Lab - $29.90 per mo
Ave Book or AV Material - $14.95 or less
Honcho Specialty Training & Certifications - Normally $29.95 or less.


High school students who have had various types of personal or family limiting issues have used this process to pull themselves out of a restricted life scenario to go on to become the first one in a family to go to college, build a successful business, rise in the corporate or non profit world.  Most master the principles and patterns within a few months if they are diligent and share them with their family, in school, business, church, work or with team mates in athletics or the arts. 

  1. One young lady overcame abuse issues using the process and has gone on to build a global ministry. 
  2. Another young man, who gained confidence as an athlete in high school where he learned these practices, advanced in the corporate world but found it restrictive and then built a national network of home building franchises using the same coaching tools to develop his employees and contractors.
  3. Another couple with academic backgrounds escaped working for the tax payers by using the tools to build a global network of businesses and support services.
  4. A pastor looking to provide funding for an international missionary outreach used these tools to shape a national lifelong educational network.
  5. A corporate engineer and his wife had 3 children then built a national gift giving incentive network to be free to work with their kids and fund a youth ministry.
  6. A young couple, both veterans returning from active duty, engage the process, become business consultants and use it to advance the aspirations of their clients.
  7. Another couple employ the principles to rise to the top of their fields in education and   environmental applications.
  8. One couple go from secretarial and construction jobs to owning a top flight commercial real estate operation.
  9. Two people from abusive or limited childhoods meet working at nominal jobs, get married, start a family and begin the educational climb only to be ceilinged again.  They find the mentoring system, start and build a billion dollar business, sit on corporate boards and support national charities.

The success habits of servant leadership prevail regardless of the field.  Having a Coach with a duplicatable system to be a sounding board that helps direct life's traffic separates the high performer from the pack!

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