Sunday, January 21, 2018

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What if… had Hope and could freely give it to others!

What if….there was a way to get free of debt within a year, and chose  when, where, and with whom you worked?

What if…you were able to get your eyes off your own problems, issues, concerns, downfalls, mistakes and instead help others move ahead?

What if…each day your number 1 goal was to find people who were actually looking like you, that you could lift them up and in doing so inspire them to help others?

What if…every dollar you spent, and the dollars your friend’s spent, and the dollars their friend’s spent ACTUALLY had a piece dedicated to feeding hungry children, or doing something specifically for our soldiers coming home to thank them for the sacrifice they've made for us?

What if…every soldier could look their family in the eye and say, “it’s going to be ok, and I can provide for every one of your needs,
despite the challenges we face”?

What if…our emergency personnel, firemen and women, and those who RUN IN when everyone else is running out, were able to make enough money to care for their families, put food on the table, take care of their parents as they age,
and offer their children a future better than their own?

What if…all it took was one person caring about them enough to ask questions, discover their real needs and connect them to solutions that are personally paired to help them?

What if…you could give them HOPE for the future, and give them the ability to also help someone, or many people, too.

What if…everything you did from this point forward was to plant seeds of affirmation, grace, inspiration, justice, and love;

and in doing so create the life you were meant to live?

What if…Pay It Forward really existed? Click here to watch a clip from the movie!

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