Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Welcome!  Your FREE Hope Membership will give you a lifetime of benefits.  You can even help others enjoy them as well.  Make sure you Register In at to receive your UNLIMITED FREE COUPONS!  You also will be assigned a FREE, Virtual Assistant, who will fill you in on the benefits that are available to you!

Once you feel comfortable, you are welcome to tell others 16 and older!  We have some special programs for Veterans, 1st Responders and their extended families as well.  Your Virtual Assistant will alert you to outstanding options in all the 8 areas that The Hope Collection supports! Enjoy!



On a scale of 1 as low and 10 being high, please indicate your interest in information the following areas:




Education: _____


Special Interests:_____

Special circumstances:__________________________________________________




Needs Assessment Part II

1. Where am I now and where do I want to be in the following categories?

2. Am I working to use my gifts, talents and abilities to help others, or am I just marking time in my career?

3. Do I have any unresolved relationship issues, past or present?

4. Am I taking care of the body I've been given with the right fuel and exercise?

5. How am I doing with my financial resources?

6. Is my life rooted in things of purpose, or do I feel like I'm always going from one thing to the next, looking for something to make me happy?

7. Do I use my time wisely, or am I always frustrated about not getting the things done on my bucket list?

8. How regularly do I feel recharged, rested, and excited about taking on what lies ahead?

9. Do I have goals set for my life?

10. Do I know where to start to make goals that matter?

Size of family
Health, Wellness &Recreation
Access to Family
nvolvement in a Faith Group
Access to Caregivers












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