Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Coaches Corner

Launch Steps for New Members 


1.    A perspective Hope Rewards Member has come to the Membership site, Optimize My Life (OML) that is a Hope Member's "one stop" resource center to optimize their life! 


3.    Donna our Site Pal, will welcome them, do a quick site overview, explain that upon Registration they will receive a link to Unlimited FREE Coupons, Cash-Back options and more!


4.    They will also receive an Interest Assessment to focus their Membership successfully.  A Virtual Assistant  will help each Member connect the dots and will give a tour of sites to help match their Interests with the Benefits.  

6.    Tour: Hope, Donation Options, OML, Resource & Research Center's Goals & Coaching, Lifelong Education Section, & other Benefits, Coaching Services, Shopping Cart, Book of the Month program, e-Pantry!  


8.    Use the results from Interest Assessment help the Member register in their interest areas



 9.    Connect to the Goals and Coaching sections to help them get a coach & game plan.


10. Teach the Duplex & Pay it Forward models and how they can get and give Hope Cards as a Gift to others!






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