Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Coaches Corner

“Creating a Cycle of Appreciation”

Improving each day is less about change than it is about growth. We are all hard wired for success from birth, uniquely blessed with a “skill set” that if, nurtured properly, it can help build a better life for any individual and those with which they are connected!  So, rather than having to go thru a total face lift or personal exorcism we simply need to develop a process that allows us to employ our skill set in an environment that endorses our passion, rather than throws water on our fire.

We are born with a fear of loud noises and of falling.  This apprehension never leaves us.  We live life trying to “Hang On” and avoiding the clamor of conflict.  As we grow into adulthood, we carry with us the “Hurt and Guilt” from our past experiences and live out “Avoidance” going forward.  The growth that “Thinking Outside of the Box” requires can be frightening.  We resist taking the steps to appreciate in value for fear of reliving the hurt or guilt again.

Therefore, the “Caretakers” in the family and society’s other institutions work at life from a devalued position and pass it along to the next generation, thus perpetuating the cycle all over again.  Fear reigns, not Faith.  Those that grow their positive impact are the exception, not the rule.  It has been said that “Cemeteries” are of far greater worth than gold and diamond mines because so many have died with their talents and dreams left in them!

How do we avoid this trap?  Build a “Cycle of Appreciation” in your life rather than one of depreciation!  Build relationships whose synergy is greater than the sum of its parts, rather than less. How? 

Step1.  Find a trusted, non-judgmental Coach who will ask you the right questions.
Step2.  Plug into an environment that uses words and actions of appreciation.
Step3.  Get a vision, set goals and act on an enterprise that helps others.

Our Coaching is all about building a focused, affirmed and appreciated person!  The fear of getting outside the box will be gone, those dreams and desires will live on as a witness to an “appreciated life.”  Join the many that are optimizing their lives!  If you are interested in becoming a Coach as well, you can become Certified for pennies and start Paying Appreciation Forward.

When you want to revitalize a community that once prospered, you come together with the stake holders, put a plan together and get the process moving.  Before you know it, property values are soaring, commerce is humming and schools are producing championship teams.  The whole place has appreciated!  The same is true with each of us!  What do you do to start the “Steps of Appreciation” in your life?

Step1.  Find a trusted, non-judgmental Coach who will ask the right questions.  Life Coaches ask the questions that help identify objectives, plan result oreinted steps and focused regular activity.  Coaches are not judgemental. They are involved to help their client build the success habits that can be used for life.  At My Coaches Corner there are two alternatives:

A.)   Use the online Coaching system in collaboration with the other on/ offline tools and materials.  It is less expensive and very flexible in that it can be accessed 24/7 from anyplace on the planet.  This approach often creates a comfortable transition to working with a personal coach.

B.)   Schedule regular sessions with a personal, certified and experienced coach that uses the on / offline support materials.

Step2.  Plug into an environment that uses words and actions of appreciation.   The “Language of Appreciation” is like learning any new language, the more you hang out, read and work with it, the more it becomes your native tongue.  The old language that devalues us becomes a foreign language and uncomfortable to use on a regular bases.

A.)   Begin a ready program from the suggested reading list.
B.)   Begin using the “Rebooting” services when you are online.
C.)   Seek out and spend time with people who reinforce and stimulate such interchange.

Often times, people who are “growing” will find themselves saying, how “negative” the people around them are, that the news is so one sided and sitcoms are boring.  Faith based environments become attractive and new activities are inviting, rather than threatening.

Step3.  Get a vision, set goals and act on an enterprise that helps others. Your enterprise may be starting a small business that serves clients or customers, volunteering at your kid’s school, holding babies at a hospital, going on a mission trip, becoming an involved board member at a charity, advising people in your field of expertise for free, coaching a team etc.  The work should put you in contact with others that will be better because of your efforts.  You should see them starting to do the same!  Over and over you will hear people say “Thank You”!  In their eyes, body language, hugs they will say they appreciate you.  This will build your desire to do more, which will lead to more appreciation.  The age old adage holds true:  “You find yourself, when you lose yourself in service to others”

A.)   Sign into “My Goals” and begin to build the map that will take you to your destination.
B.)   Identify the obstacles that stand in your way and discover their solutions.
C.)   Build dreams daily.  Speak as if they are a reality – “God Willing, I am…”
D.)   Start a “Huddle” with someone close who is on the same wave length. Communicate together, in the morning, identify the 5 priority result oriented steps to be done that day that are inline with your goals.  Before going to sleep at night discuss the results of those 5 actions.  Repeat each day going forward.  An online Journal can help as well.
E.)   Build a list of simple “Rewards” to match your hitting of your short term accomplishments like: going to a movie, buying a new CD, having lunch with a friend etc. That’ll keep growing fun!

These steps are like the legs in a “three legged stool”, they’ll support you, the new and improved, you!         

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