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Did You Know?

Never has our opportunity for economic and personal independence been as strong as it is today!  As the old adage goes, “downturn turns to upturn.”  Technology allows global competitors the ability to be collaborators, in new markets, at minimal costs. The demand has never been greater and the “how” is within everyone’s skill set!  How you might ask?  The solution can be found in a long standing “Duplex” model that parallels the advice given to many a couple as they started out their adult lives. 

“The idea is to make one’s first home a “Duplex.” Get a job(s) and buy a property with two living spaces.  Live in one side and rent the other.  The combined revenue streams will pay off the property and provide an asset to the owner while “serving” the needs of the renter.  It positions the owner to then rent their space out and move on to a single family home.  The mathematics works and provides an opportunity for a young family to have one of the parents stay home with their children.  As the children grow to school age the stay-a-home parent could then get a job.  Together they could invest their excess and prepare for their children’s education and ultimately a secure their future.  The investments may ultimately become inheritance for their kids and grand-kids.”

Change, resulting from extended global conflicts, mass access to technology upgrades, jobs disappearing offshore, generational population shifts and many new countries now in the marketplace have provided opportunities that we all need to adjust to. Whether one owns a home or not, this “Duplex” model can be applied in their life to answer today’s challenges.

In the USA, most families have access to some combination of job, retirement, small biz, government or charitable income support, albeit limited.  With the proper program it turns into seed money just like the renters monthly payment.  Examples:

  1. Over 20% of homes have multiple generations living in them. 
  2. “Care cottages” on a family member’s property for aging retirees have become popular.  It builds property value, provides daily caregiving and the retiree avoids giving up all their accrued funds to assisted living.
  3. Many urban families have government assistance for several children being raised by a grandmother while an adult has a job.
  4. Many adults still have a job income but have been downsized or converted to part-time with no benefits.
  5. Large numbers of Vets in transition have returned to a society in transition.  Their VA benefits go so far but job options are dwindling.

Restricted as it may appear to be it can still be looked at as revenue coming into one side of the “Duplex,” or as some might see it as “Micro-financing.”  Now what happens on the second side of the Duplex you might ask?  Good question!

 Implement an age old institution, “Cottage Industry.”  Work from home!  Technology has taken working from home or anywhere to another level!

  1. Skype not only allows grandparents to talk with grandchildren but it allows partners, clients and consultants to eye-ball each other without boarding a plane!
  2. Conference calls with video can bring together 100’s at a time.
  3. Texting campaigns beat billboards, newsletters and newspapers. 
  4. Education occurs online. E-books deliver knowledge for less.    
  5. You Tube allows everyone to do visual advertisements on the spot.
  6. Google eliminates yellow pages and maps.
  7. Facebook and Linked-in accommodate networking.
  8. Hydroponics & Aquaponics with solar/methane energy feed, fund and take homes off the grid.  Shopping and couponing can be done with an app.
  9. We can breathe clean air and convert its humidity into clean water.
  10. Our cars no longer need gas. 
  11. Doctors now make 24/7 virtual house calls.
  12. We can watch our favorite show & read books on our phone any time or place.

By plugging an “e-Pantry” into a home, the age old concept of “cottage industry” comes alive. It becomes a cutting edge social/economic delivery system that synergizes all the above options and more. It creates an accommodating answer to the quality of life issue of our times.  An e-Pantry is founded on an “algorithm” (a formula made up of component parts that derives a predictable outcome when acted upon) that has been tested and proven around the world for decades.  The ability to leverage household and/or small business’s core expenses into a significant cash and equity position is unmatched!  It’s just what real estate developers and retailers have done for decades and now it’s available to us all!

The Hope Collection, a 501c3 non-profit, has had a number of independent suppliers come to its Resource & Research Center to provide its Membership access to their products and services at discount pricing and with affiliate marketing compensation options.  This gives Members a chance to convert their costs into cash, equity, tax deductions, legacy, donations and security.  Just in time, no cost shipping with free, deep dollar coupon programs are just the beginning.  

With connecting to some ongoing coaching, creating appropriate corporate structures and using today’s standard communication tools, each Member can become the holder of a portfolio of above average return entities, serving a wide range of recipients.

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