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Services Our Coaches Recommend




 Section One:  Coaching Connections, Tools & Goal Setting Proceedures You Can Read & Apply

PTSD App for Coaching Veterans and 1st Responders -

Coaching Guru Matt Brock - Epoch Resource Group

Creative Counseling for Children

Medical Alert and Family Counseling for Seniors and Family 

No More Therapy - A must for everyone to learn where they are coming from!  Get your Emtional Fingerprint for free!

Interests Assessment- Identifying priorites

Journal on your own Computer- Keep your thoughts easily in a secure place! Lot's of flexibility. Try it free for 45 days! Additional tools available!

Overcoming Obstacles

StickK - Set the Goal and Stick to it!!!

GoalSetting & Life Coaching - Helps you create personal & economic freedom

Check Points  and a Daily Plan to Build Success Habits

 Suggection:  Check the following options in Section Two, select up to 5 Certification Classes to complete.   Go to, get a Coach and incorporat as Sub s Corporation, get a Business Plan Template, Write up a Resume and Post it on the Job Posting sites listed on the "Benefits" Page of the Side Bar of this page and test the market for Placement. 

Section Two:  Job & Small Business Opportunies, Education & Training

Job and Career Center ; Hire Patriots; Warrior Services

Resource & Research Center Incubator's Marketplace

360 Training - Check out the options today!

MySchool Worx - Lifelong LearningNational University

Online Training, Certification & Employee Training 

Accounting, Quickbooks Training, Mergers, Acquisitions and Franchising

American Institute of Small Business  

e-Pantry - Converts your Costs to Cash, Equity, Donations & Legacy   


Section Three:  Assorted Services

My Concierge

24/7 Online Christian Radio; Bible; Faith Team; Daily Hope

Dr. Chet - Answers to your nutrition and health questions

Drug Addiction Counseling

Mortgage Support for Veterans 

Hopes Homes and Nationwide Builders

Hope's Resource & Research Center

Rural Assistance Center

Visiting Angels - America's Choice in Homecare

The Hope Collection Membership Site

 Email Marketing

  We Welcome Donations for The Hope Collection



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