Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Coaches Corner

Curriculum to Own Your Piece of the Pie!

1.  Circle Areas of Interest- Music, Performing Arts, Sports, IT, Outdoors, Mechanics, Science, Gardening, Culinary, Education

2.  Get a Coach, Read Daily, write a "Bucket List" in line with your Life's Purpose, set Daily Results Goals & Train your Self-Talk!

3.  Understand the need to own a "System" that serves others to make the "Bucket List" come true.

4.  Be a "Social Entrepreneur" &  Learn the Financial System that is designed to support Your System: 

A.  Barter -

B.  Fiat System -

C.  IMF -

D.  Leverage -

E.  JV Partners -

F.  Bank Financing -

G.  Municipal Bonds -

H.  CDFI -

I.  CDE -

J.  EB-5 Funding -

K.  Grants -

L.  Forex Trading -

M.  Types of Real Estate Investment including Franchising -

O.  Gold, Silver etc -

P.  Stocks & Bonds -

R.  Mid-Term Notes -

5.  How to Build and Structure a "Duplex System" to make the Bucket List come true - Incorporate, Get Certifiied, Compound. 



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