Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Never in the history of mankind have we had access to as many services to enhance our lives. Whether it is a person, company, group or government entity, there is an endless supply of companies trying to make a living by meeting our needs. It can become a full time job just shifting through them all. You'll have your own “Virtual Assistant (VA)”! Heck!  You can even be a VA!



Quick Resources

My Concierge - Personalize this Unlimited Source for your personal and business needs!

Jobs - Zip Recruiter, Mighty Recruiter,  Monster , Indeed , Career , Job Search , Snag a Job , eBiz MBA, UpWork

Senior Savings --  Capture the savings!  They'll never tell you if you don't ask them! 

Veteran's Connections , Vet's Disability Advocates &More & More  & More

Military Families - Sitters, Tutors, Housekeepers, Pet Care Paid for by DOD

First Responders: USFRA, National First Responder Org, AFR Foundation

Volunteers of America (  When you really need some help!

Focus on the Family - 24/7 Family Services

Greeting Cards that Keep On Givng 

Barter;  Angie's List

Creativity for Life - Exploring creativity in our everyday lives

CEO Express - Answers to ... everything else - Family Services

e-Pantry - A Home & Small Biz that converts Cost into Cash, Equity & Legacy!

Health & Wellnes -  CEO Clubs of America;  Dr Chet ; Christian Care Ministry



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